Main Phone: (216) 291-4813
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Main Phone: (216) 291-4813
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Here to Serve You

couple_services.jpgSuburban Pet Crematory Service has been serving pet owners for over 30 years, providing the finest quality pet cremation services. Our local touch shows with a staff that is well trained and well seasoned.

We are concerned with the safe and humane care of your pet after its passing. It is our mission to help you with some important decisions with a spirit of deep respect at difficult time. We honor the relationship you had with your pet.

When your pet passes away, they will be cared for with the compassion and respect that they deserve. Every consideration is made by our staff to ensure that your pet is handled with care and honor.

Please contact us for further information or to make arrangements.



Services We Offer

  • Pet cremation services for all sizes of dogs, cats and birds as well as other pets up to 300 pounds. 
  • You may bring your pet to us in person or schedule a gentle removal from your home or veterinarian’s office for a nominal fee. 
  • Our cremations are not co-mingled. 
  • Your pet's remains are handled safely and respectfully; in our care they are in a clean refrigerated holding facility and identified with an identification tag throughout the process. 
  • By appointment, you may choose to witness the initial stage of cremation. 
  • Your pet's cremated remains are returned to you in a velvet pouch and cloth bag tote or an urn you have selected and purchased.
  • You may choose from our selection of decorative urns.