Main Phone: (216) 291-4813
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Main Phone: (216) 291-4813
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does pet cremation cost?
The price of cremation varies. To determine the cost of cremation, we need to know your pet's weight and what type of cremation you would prefer.

May I inspect the cremation facilities?
Yes, we are open to the public. For your convenience, appointments are scheduled.

What are cremated remains?
Cremated remains are the cremated remains (ashes) of your pet.

How soon will I get my pet's ashes?
Usually, pet cremated remains are returned within 3 to 4 business days.

Can I bring my pet to the crematory?
Yes, you can transport your pet.

What is a Certificate of Cremation?
A Certificate of Cremation states the date of your pet's cremation and is signed by a trained crematory operator.

May I be present before, during and after the cremation?
Yes. Please call and one of our helpful staff will accommodate you.